State Assembly Votes to OK
People's Vote on State-Split

On June 10th, 1993, the California State Assembly voted 46 to 26 in favor of putting a measure on the state ballot that would have given California voters a chance to vote on whether they liked the idea of splitting California into multiple states.

Political observers were surprised that the state-split movement got that far in the legal process. While the bill authorizing the vote by the people later died in the State Senate, it did pass the Assembly, and did so by cutting across party, ideological and geographic lines.

We will be putting up an expanded page about this Assembly vote in the future. In the meantime, this page is here so that we can experiment with trying to incorporate into this web site our audio and video files about splitting California into multiple states.

This page is also an opportunity to point out some of the difficulties in trying to decide where to split the state, should such a thing ever come to pass. Below are two sound clips from the Assembly debate over the bill to put state-splitting on the ballot.

At the time of the debate, Steve Peace was a Democratic Assemblyman from San Diego County, in the southernmost part of the state. Dean Andal was a Republican Assemblyman from San Joaquin County in the central part of the state.

Listen to what they have to say. Depending on your modem, the download to hear their comments might be lengthy.

Steve Peace speaks on splitting the state (170K download)

Dean Andal speaks on splitting the state (196K download)


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