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Separatism and California -
How Many States Should California Be?

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In 1993, we put together a Macintosh program about the history of the attempts to split California into two or more states. California had just finished one of its periodic episodes of debating the possibilities of dividing itself.

We distributed the program to interested teachers who saw it as a way to study, not only California, but the social and political compacts that bind people together as a body politic. As the program grew to include audio and video, we no longer had a way to distribute that kind of memory intensive program, and we ceased distribution.

Now, though, with the advent of web technology, and with separatism still a major issue in the state (e.g., the San Fernando valley trying to secede from Los Angeles) and the world (e.g., Chechnya in Russia, Xinjiang in China), we thought it would be interesting to try to port the program over to the World Wide Web.

Porting the program is going to take a while. We estimate that it will take 150 to 170 web pages to handle the text and maps. It will only get done in our spare time. If you are interested in studying separatism (in California and the world), we hope you'll bear with us. Check back from time to time.

We are starting with eight pages. Right now, these pages are mostly placeholders in a web site we're setting up. The basic pages, with some graphics, are being posted first. The text for these first few pages will follow in the next few weeks.

Take a look if you want. You might find the unexplained graphics and maps interesting. Or, you might want to come back in July, 1997.




The 1991 Proposal (2 States)

The 1992 State Advisory Election Results (by County)
The Revised 1992 Proposal (3 States)
Map Index of Historical State Split Proposals
Excerpt from California State Assembly Debate
California Counties

About 150 - 170 more E Unum Pluribus pages to come


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