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Integrating U. S. History with Educational Technology
Deborah T. Aufdenspring
New Technology High School
Napa, California

The following are a few fun sites on the Web that I thought students might enjoy. If you have comments about how lame they are, please keep them to yourself.

We talk about liberals and conservatives a lot in history class. Ever wonder where you fall on the political spectrum, at least in one person's estimation? Try taking the World's Smallest Political Quiz

History is as much the story of people you've never heard of, as it is of the famous and infamous. If you know someone who has been a hero to you, there is a site where you can tell the world about them. My Hero is the name of the site, and they would like to hear about your hero - relative, coach, pastor or whoever. Your hero might even get on TV.

I want you to write, even if it's just an email postcard. MIT has everything you need, including art and photographs. Try sending a picture postcard to someone on the Web.

Lost - Ego Booster was one of my favorite fun sites. It was good for kids that had had a bad day at school or were having troubles with boyfriends, girlfriends or just plain friends. It was put together by a man from Hofstra University, but seems to have disappeared from the web. Let me know if you can find a new address for it.

We, at New Tech, aim to produce culturally literate graduates. Whether or not that means knowing how to insult someone in Elizabethan English is unclear, but if you think it is, check out the Shakespeare Insult Page for pointers.

Pre-Worf Star Trek alert: The Captain James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page has sound files of Captain Kirk trying to sing. The result is truly bad.

Teenagers are always telling me how bored they are. How bored are you? Visit Are you bored and find out.


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