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Juniors, this is the time of your life when you need to be considering what you're going to do after graduation next year. If you haven't done so already, please make an appointment with your internship teacher to talk about your plans. Even more important, start talking to your parents or guardians. Here are some sites to start you thinking.



If you are thinking of further school, and I hope you are, you might want to search the database of schools at the Internet College Exchange. They have information on, and sometimes links to, thousands of trade schools, junior colleges and colleges and universities.

Peterson's Education Center is an online version of Peterson's guides to two and four year colleges. It's commercial and they want you to buy their books, but it's a useful site to start screening schools.


Sallie Mae is the agency for student loans. At their site they offer a number of services.

Thinking about going to school is one thing, paying for it is another. There is another searchable database you might want to look at. The Financial Aid Index will let you customize your search for financial aid.


If you are planning on taking any of the SAT tests, you might want to take a look at the College Board Home Page. This page has information on the tests (including an interactive sample test question that changes each day), important dates, scoring, etc.

Another SAT address is the College Board Gopher. This is a text-based set of files, not a World Wide Web page, with lots of information on SAT's and other standardized admission tests.

A third SAT site is a commercial one, that nonetheless has helpful information. There are a number of pages like this. You can search for them and other test help by using a WWW search engine. The best one I've found for finding test help and other educational information is the Yahoo education search engine.


About Work is a comprehensive site about the workaday world. The "First Jobs" section is a good first place for you to look.

To get a feel for what kind of jobs are available, try looking at one of the online employment classified ad sites such as CareerPath, which has the help wanted sections of 25 major U.S. metropolitan newspapers.


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