The Telecommuting House

The Aufdenspring's Macintosh program about the
telecommuting house for sale in Nevada City appears to be no longer available for download. See below.

"In Nevada City , California, Gary and Deborah Aufdenspring put a
'telecommuting house' on the market to capitalize on the future work revolution."

"If you want to see what the ideal house for telecommuters looks like, you can download..."
Quotations fromTelecommute! Go to Work without Leaving Home by Lisa Shaw, page 120. John Wiley and Sons, publishers, 1996.

"The Aufdenspring's personalized approach also adds a homey charm to the pitch-on-a-disk, a refreshing switch from the sterile formatting found in data-base listings."

"Anyone, including real estate agents, can take lessons from the free program."
------- Quotations from a Broderick Perkins real estate column, San Jose Mercury News and Chicago Tribune, 2/19/95


With the rise of the web, the bulletin boards that carried the Macintosh program have mostly shut down.The last known place where you could download the full program was the San Jose Mercury News section of America Online. I don't know if the Mercury News still has files available for download since they moved to their own www site ( I don't subscribe.

A truncated HyperCard stack version of the program is still available on America Online. If you want to download it: go to AOL; "Search Software Libraries" under the "Go To" menu; and search the words "telecommute real estate". The resultant file is described thusly:

" This stack is a much smaller real estate advertisement, with sounds and pictures, for my wife's house. We posted a much larger stack in January, but have received lots of comments that it was too big for casual downloading. Hopefully, this stack will serve the browsing househunter better. It contains 2 pictures, a lengthy text desription of the house and its 3 parcels, and some gratuitous Beethoven. The stack is self-extracting, needs about 150 K, and you can throw it away afterwards. It's only an ad."

Because there were some interesting issues raised by the program, I might see about posting it on this web site. Of course it would only be interesting to you if you have a Macintosh (that was a big initial mistake in trying to sell the house ourselves). ga

In the meantime, a relatively brief description of the program is presented, along with some screenshots, below.


Above - Opening screen (after slide show) of Telecommuting House program.

In 1994, before the web became a big thing, we tried to sell Deborah's house and 38 acres in Nevada City by putting all the information we thought a buyer would want to know into a Macintosh computer program.

This was a "for sale by owner" effort because at the time we could not convince any Realtor© of the value of digitizing a sales effort.

The program was aimed at (potential) telecommuters. The house was set up for telecommuting and you couldn't ask for a nicer, more private location.

The program was posted to a number of on-line services and bulletin boards for downloading. In addition disks were mailed out to potential buyers who requested one after seeing stories about the program in the media or seeing one of the (few) newspaper ads we placed.

The program had 21 pictures of the houseand land, 10 sounds recorded on the property (wild mallards in the creek, cowbells from the ranch next door, crickets, the doorbell, etc.), animations, maps (parcel, neighborhood, auto and air commuting routes, even a map of where to find Indian grinding holes on the property, etc.).

More details of the program and some of the lessons we learned will be posted here soon.

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