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Analyzing Music Videos: Pop Up Videos

Integrated U. S. History and American Literature Class
Deborah Aufdenspring and Sandra Mings-Lamar

New Technology High School, Napa, CA

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Below are some captured stills from a music video that will help you understand the kinds of analyses you are expected to do. Remember that all captured stills are the property of the particular music video copyright holder. Stills are to be used in your scholarly work only and copyrights noted.

A Word about
"Pop Up Videos"

Erykah Badu's "Next Lifetime" has been made into a "Pop Up Video". "Pop Up Videos" is the title of a TV program on VH1. Little text balloons of factoids are superimposed on selected music videos. The factoids are generally tidbits about the star, or the director, or the production of the video, or even interesting statistics about life in America. At times they verge on celebrity worship. At other times they're cheerfully ironic. "Pop Up Videos" can be cool for what they are, but....

Usually, they are superficial in terms of what we want you to do in this class. We want you to analyze the video for historical content, or for the meaning of its images, or for its relevance to the "American Dream." We don't want factoids about the star's dog's name.

All Erykah Badu stills copyright Kedar Entertainment / Universal Records
Pop Up Video stills copyright VH1
The above still is an example of the type of "pop-up" information that is irrelevant to our class.

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Stills of Sample Videos, with Sample Analysis Questions:
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