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Integrating U. S. History with Educational Technology
Deborah T. Aufdenspring
New Technology High School
Napa, California

Updated - 11/15/97

Former Students - I would love it if you would e-mail me a paragraph or two about what you are doing now. If you would like me to post your e-mail so that your classmates can also see what you're up to, sort of an e-mail reunion, please let me know. Let me know if you wish your email or postal addresses included, or your phone number.

Some of you contacted me this summer with e-mail to post. I am sorry that some of your files got lost when I brought my computer back down to Napa from Nevada City. Please write again!

Former Students: Summerville High, Bret Harte High, New Technology High

From Summerville High -

Stan King, Kristi Conforti, Susan Slakey,

From Stan King:

Hello Deborah-

This is Stan King, from the famous event "Burst Rock with a Helicopter."

Hope all is going well for you. Good to see that you have a web site.

I'll let you know what I've done over the past 10 years, but you have to
let me know the same. O-kee Do-kee?

Chronologically Backwards:

-Next week I start at Dreamworks SKG, in charge of Distribution for all
Films for N. America
-February of this year my wife became pregnant with our first child.
-January of this year we bought our first house, a Spanish style beauty
in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.
-April 1995 I married my wife Jill in Columbia State Historic Park. The
whole deal went down at St. Catherine+s and the City Hotel, which was a
great success. We honeymooned in Hong Kong and all over Thailand
-Dec. 94-Today I worked, am working as Global Shipping Manager, at
Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. Steven Spielberg's
video Holocaust Project with the mission to record around 50,000
Holocaust Survivor Testimonies and make them accessible to the public
via interactive technologies. Check it out at VHF.ORG
-June 93-Nov. 94 I worked in International Freight Forwarding.
Basically I imported and exported plane loads of freight all over the
globe. You will be proud to know that I refused to ship weapons and
radioactive materials, although it was often asked of me.
-June 93 I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from San Diego State University
with degrees in International Business, German and a minor in European
-1990-91 I studied at Heidelberg University in Germany. Believe it or
not, all studies were in German so I had to pass the Pruefung zum
Nachweis Deutscher Sprachkentnisse. Which is basically what we call the
Toefel in America. At this time a travelled all over Western and Eastern
-Aug. 88 I met my wife, Jill, who I married in 1995.
-Aug. 88 I entered San Diego State University where I made deans list
every semester.
-87-88 I was an exchange student in Switzerland, living in the German
speaking area of the country.

-87 of course I graduated. The rest is our shared history.

Let me know what you are up to.

Stan King

From Kristi Conforti:

Mrs. Aufdenspring,

Hello, remember me? Kristi Conforti? Well, it's been a long time, but I
don't think I'll ever forget when Michelle Dixon and I got lost during our
T.R.A.I.L.S. final in Yosemite!!!

In the last ten years, I've been pretty busy. I attended San Jose State
University for four years where I majored in Advertising. I worked as a
Firefighter for the California Department of Forestry during the summers until
I landed a job in 1994 in Redwood City, CA. with a company called N.E.T.
(Network Equipment Technologies)

We manufacture, sell & service backbone multiplexers for some of the largest
companies in the world and the Federal Government.

I started out in our Technical Assistance Center. I answered phones and
dispatched Engineers worldwide to fix problems. After a year (and a trip to
our office in London) I was promoted to Project Manager in Atlanta, GA.
Atlanta was GREAT!! I was there during the Olympics and was able to attend
several Olympic events-it was very exciting.

In January of this year, I was promoted to District Manager. I now live in
Northern Virginia, about 20 miles West of Washington D.C. I manage 5
engineers in 3 different states and am responsible for post sales customer
satisfaction and support for the entire Mid-Atlantic District including VA,
West VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ & DC. In addition, I have ownership of all Carrier
accounts such as MCI & Sprint.

I enjoy my job, I get to travel quite frequently and I work with people all
over the world.

As for my personal life, I'm 28 now, single and looking to buy my first home.
I keep in touch with a couple of people from high school, but time and
distance have a way of separating friends!

I hope all is well with you, I do have one recommendation for your web
site.......the color needs to be changed! That red is too dark...makes my
eyes hurt!

If any 87 Summerville Grads log onto your site, you can pass them my e-mail

Thanks for the opportunity to catch up with everyone!

Take care,


From Susan Slakey:


Sorry I have been so long in replying!!

No, I have not changed districts but just moved to a larger place with one
of my roommates from college. I was living alone in Walnut Creek. My new
apartment is much larger and VERY conveniently located to my work.

I am still teaching first grade and still enjoying it tons!!! This will be
my fourth year with first graders(1 year with a k-1 combo). First grade is
such a fun year because the kids are so excited about school and learning
to read and they want to be there everyday! I took this summer off for the
first time since I started teaching. WOW! How nice to have this vacation.
I went back up to Twain Harte for a few days. The end of June was my 10
year Summerville reunion. There was a pretty good turnout. I also spent a
week in Tahoe and also a week and a half in Ohio visiting friends.

Next week I will go into school a few days to start getting ready. We are
officially back the 27th. The kids don't start until the following week.

I have been meaning to write and tell you that I saw you on the news!! I
was watching "Mornings on 2" while eating breakfast, as I always do, and I
heard the story about your technology school and there you were!! :)
Your school sounds so exciting.

Well, I must go for now!! I hope all is well with you!!

Take Care



From Bret Harte High -

Sarah Gibson, Aimee Lowery Casamatta, Allison Tribble, Kevin Wright

From Sarah Gibson:

I'm in Fort Worth, Texas. School is really going well, and I
am happy. I am working for the campus paper, which is really my
direction in life, so that's good. With all of my experience from the
Lily Pad, I pretty much walked right into a job delegating, editing, and
laying out the news pages for our paper. This is a very small school,
so we only have a 6 page weekly, but it's a lot of work. It's nice to
have an on-campus job that I enjoy.

It would be great if you posted my address. I'll be sure to visit
your site often, to see who else is there.


Sarah Gibson

From Aimee Lowery Casamatta:

I'm not sure where it is that I left off, but I know that quite a lot has happened.

I am going to start off with the best news. On August 16th, 1997, I was married to Joseph Michael Casamatta. We met while we were in basic training for the United States Army. We got to know each other while we were in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. From there, I stayed at Ft. Sam as my first permanent duty station, and he went to Hohenfells, Germany. I am currently trying to get stationed there with him. We are looking at about another two to three months of being apart. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do in life.

We got married in Sonora, California, where most of my family is from. Joe and his family are from Mayfield Heights, Ohio, not too far from Cleveland. Out of his whole family, I have only met his mom, dad, and older brother. Their names are Majken, Dale and Dale, Jr. I met them only three days before the wedding, so you can imagine how nervous both of us were. They turned out to be very nice people, and my family and his family got along great, so we were really worried about nothing.

So that is the best thing that has happened since I last wrote.

I bought a car. It is a 1995 Mitsubishi Accent. The color is forest green. It has dual side airbags, air lock brakes, tinted windows and all that good stuff. Anywise, I love that car and plan on taking it to Germany with me.

One other thing that has happened to me is that I changed jobs. I no longer drive around the two and a half ton trucks all day anymore. I work in the Arms room with the weapons. We issue them out to people and check them back in. It is a pretty cool job and I am really going to miss it.

Nothing really bad has happened, so I guess that is a good thing - no bad stuff to talk about.

Well, I guess that this is about the end, but as soon as something dramatic happens, let me just tell you, you will be the first to know. OK, maybe the second. Over and out!

Adios Amigos, Aurevoir mon ami, GOOD BYE!! :-)

Aimee C. Casamatta

From Allison Tribble:

Hey Mrs. A!

Well, I wanted to write you on how I am doing and what I am doing. My
life is going very well here at Stanislaus. I love college. I can't
believe I actually sat through seven classes for seven hours a day! That
is just incredible to me now. I love college schedules! Go to school
for a few hours a day and goof off the rest of the time! Just kidding! I
was on the dean's list last semester (fall) and I am probably going to be
on it again for this semester. I am working down here in Turlock at a
bookstore called Books Unlimited. It is great because I love books and
bookstores and the owners are really nice. The main owner is a history
teacher here. You two would get along great! I am also involved in a play
right now called Betty The Yetti. It is about a lumberjack who meets a
yetti (sort of an abominable snowman and a bigfoot combined) falls in
love and has sex with her. I play the park ranger and the lumberjack's
closest friend. I am also the only other one who knows about the yetti.

By the way, what is it that you would always say to us on Fridays? I forgot. You are such a caring person, I thought you were the greatest teacher ever! You actually cared about your students. I liked that you would come pick any of us up if we were at a party and drunk so we wouldn't drive drunk. Not that I was ever drunk, but I thought it was nice anyway. I miss you Mrs. A!


Allison Kerry Tribble

From Kevin Wright:


How have you been? I have been doing well. I moved to Salmon Id. from Copperopolis Ca. in August of 1996, but first visited in June. Moving here was the effect of my mother and fathers divorce. My mother moved here, and married Lloyd Tutor, who in the past also lived in Copperopolis.

I am attending Salmon High School, and working on my free time at a
restauraunt called "Granny's Steak House." At this resteraunt I am a
waiter, bus boy, order taker, dish doer, and prep. cook. I really like
my job, and my boss is one of the best bosses anyone could have.
I really do not have much more to say now, except HI to everyone.




From New Technology High -



E-mail me.

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