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Deborah T. Aufdenspring
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P. O. Box 6109 Napa, CA 94581
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POSITION DESIRED: History/English: Secondary Teacher:


Master's Degree, Curriculum and Instruction
California State University, Sacramento September 1989 - June 1992

Computer Concepts and Applications, Supplemental Authorization
California State University, Sacramento September 1989 - June 1991

Education Credential (Fisher Act - Secondary)
California State University, Sacramento September 1973 - June 1975

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology
California State University, San Diego September 1966 - June 1969


Integrated US History/American Literature Teacher
- 1996 - present - New Technology
High School

CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: Co-wrote US History and American Literature
curriculum fully integrated with technology for a school with a computer for every
student. Curriculum employed industry standard software on a Windows 95
operating system, including PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, MacroMedia Director,
and Photoshop. Curriculum was project based and focused on both individual and group work. Developed web pages to deliver curriculum and point students to relevant areas of World Wide Web. Co-wrote a three week fully integrated, school wide curriculum involving all subject areas.

INTRANETS AND SERVER ENVIRONMENT: Developed techniques to use
school's intranet (Lotus Notes) to track student attendance and progress, contact staff,
contact parents, deliver student material and accept student assignments. Developed
ways to assess student progress and track student projects in a "semi-paperless"
environment. Developed an understanding of the advantages of, and cautions
necessary to, working in a school wired to the Internet and where all students use
internal e-mail.

BUSINESS PARTNERS: Developed an understanding of, and appreciation for,
working and communicating with business partners to create an environment where
the disparate cultures of education and corporations could work effectively together
for the good of students, teachers, businesses and the community.

INTERNSHIPS AND WORK EXPERIENCE: Monitored the progress of students
involved in work experience and internship programs. Taught curriculum developed
for this program, counseled the students in the program and monitored their progress
toward graduation.

INTERNET TRAINING: Was responsible for training and testing students in the use of
the Internet. Wrote the test for students who wanted to test out of the training.

OPENING NEW SCHOOL: Gained experience with the work necessary to open a new
high school, develop a school culture, and establish good working relationships with
other schools in a district, the school's neighbors, new students and the students'

EXPERIENCE WITH THE MEDIA: Learned to teach with constant on-lookers in a
school with weekly press coverage. Learned to communicate with the press, teach in
the face of cameras and interviews, and carry students through that environment
while helping them thrive and learn.

Social Studies/English Teacher - 1993 - 1996 - Bret Harte High School

U. S. HISTORY: Developed curriculum integrating computer applications and computer
resources on a Macintosh operating system: Internet, CD-ROM, commercial
computer programs; self developed computer programs to enhance assignments

WORLD HISTORY: Developed curriculum and worked with students to
create a student designed HyperCard program on recent world history.

SOPHOMORE ENGLISH: Developed curriculum , particularly a poetry unit
using digitized video of student performances of students' poetry in PowerPoint and
HyperCard presentation programs

Social Studies - 1982 - 1986 - Summerville Union High School, Tuolumne, CA




ENGLISH: (ninth and tenth grades) Grammar, composition and literature.

T.R.A.I.L.S: A course using backpacking to teach leadership and responsibility.
Conceived, planned, obtained funding for and co-taught a course designed to
teach students responsibility, academics and cooperation, using backpacking
as a vehicle to do so.

Continuation High School Teacher - 1975 - 1982 - Summerville Union High School
Sole teaching and counseling responsibility in a one teacher high school for
students unable to succeed in regular classes for various reasons (failed classes, behavior, pregnancy, drug use, lack of motivation, illness). Worked closely with students and families to encourage students to stay in school. Made frequent visits to homes to keep lines of communication open with students and parents.


California State Legislature - Curriculum Consultant and Co-author
- 1995-1996
Conceiving, writing, and planning for implementation of, a Secondary Social
Studies curriculum in conjunction with legislation of interest to high school
students. See LegiSchool project at

The HyperCard Launching Pad. The Computing Teacher. November 1992.
(with Gary Aufdenspring)


Advisor - Associated Student Body Council, New Technology HS
- 1996 - present

Curriculum Consultant - Josten's Learning Corporation - 1996
Previewed and made pre-publication suggestions for Our World, a secondary level
world history curriculum integrated with Internet resources.

California State Archives Curriculum Task Force - 1993 - present
Conceiving, writing, and planning for implementation of, a Secondary Social
Studies curriculum and accompanying exhibits for new California State Archives
and Museum. On-line and telecommunications projects are planned. See Archives
web page at

California High School Networks Project 1995 - 1996
Site team member, 1995 and 1996

Curriculum Committee, Bret Harte High School 1993 - 1996
Voting member. Committee determined scope and sequence of school wide curricula

Discipline Committee, Bret Harte High School 1994 - 1996
Worked with administration, faculty and students to update discipline policy and
interpret policy to students and parents

Class Sponsor, Bret Harte High School
Junior Class: 1995 - 1996
Sophomore Class: 1993 - 1995

North State Professional Development Consortium 1992
Presenter: Workshops and presentations on the use of technology in education.

Chairperson and Member, School Site Council, Summerville HS 1978 - 1982
Committee was responsible for applying for and allocating grant money for school improvement. Helped plan and oversee development of school computer center and was on committee to hire staff for center.

Member of Curriculum Committee, Summerville High School 1983 - 1984
Reviewed the school's curriculum, adding courses and unit requirements

Co-advisor to Class of 1987, Summerville High School 1983 - 1986
Responsible for overseeing and chaperoning class activities, student
government and class finances.


1997 - Patching Together a Curriculum: An All-School Integrated Curriculum Project.
Best Practices Symposium: National Multi-media Conference
Novato, CA (with New Technology High School Staff)

1993 - California Split -"E Unum Pluribus": Teaching About Diversity and Commonality
Computer Using Educators, Fall Conference, Santa Clara, CA
Wrote software program distributed at this presentation including data base, student materials and lesson plans for use of attending teachers.

1993 - California Split -"E Unum Pluribus": Teaching About Diversity and Commonality
California Council for the Social Studies, Annual Conference, San Diego
Wrote software program distributed at this presentation.

1993 - The HyperCard Launching Pad
Northwest Council for Computer Education, Annual Conference:
Portland, OR (with Gary Aufdenspring)
Wrote software program distributed at this presentation.

1992 - The HyperCard Launching Pad
Computer Using Educators, Fall Conference. (with Gary Aufdenspring)
Wrote software program distributed at this presentation.

1992 - Teaching Thinking Skills with a Human Rights Data Base
California Council for the Social Studies. Annual Conference, San Diego
Wrote software program distributed at this presentation.

1991 - The TableTop: A New Approach to Database Management.
Computer Using Educators, Fall Conference (with Dr. Larry Hannah)


Member - Tuolumne County Juvenile Justice Commission
- 1982-1984
Planned and implemented programs for at-risk youth. Worked with County
Sheriff's Office, Juvenile Hall, school districts, Child Protective Services, and
other county agencies.

Overdose Management Workshop - 1978
Conceived, planned and organized a county-wide workshop on drug abuse for
high school students. Coordinated with Sheriff's Department, County Mental
Health, College Instructors and other community agencies.


Computer Using Educators
- 1996 - Mini-grant to develop "Virtual Poetry" project.
A project using HyperCard and PowerPoint presentation programs to save
performances of students reading their own poetry. Poetry is combined with
digitized film clips, sound clips, student interviews and student art work.

Teacher of the Year - 1986 - Summerville Union High School

Scholarship - National Endowment for the Humanities - 1983
Full scholarship for interdisciplinary study of Sixteenth and
Seventeenth century English History and Literature.


California Council for the Social Studies
Association for Curriculum Supervision and Development
International Society for Technology In Education
Computer Using Educators
Northwest Council for Computer Education



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