[The Palmer Raids], [Marcus Garvey], [Great Migration (African-American)], [Sacco and Vanzetti], [Anarchy], [The Decline of Progressivism],
[Teapot Dome Scandal], [1917 Race Riots], [Cesar Sandino]


Haiku in History

The Roaring Twenties

Integrating U. S. History with Educational Technology
Deborah T. Aufdenspring
New Technology High School
Napa, California

(This is the student history haiku page. Click here for haiku assignment page.)

Students in the integrated U.S. History/American Literature classes at New Technology High School in Napa, California have been writing haiku about events and concepts of the 1920's in America.

Combining haiku and U. S. history may seem pretty wierd. Actually there are good reasons to do it. Historical haiku are fun, they teach you about a form of poetry, and about at least one historical theme or topic. If you can distill an historical event into 17 syllables that evoke the essence of that event, or highlight someone's experience of that event, you've probably mastered knowledge of the event.

The students took topics and themes from the 1920's in the United States and wrote the following.


The Palmer Raids

Get them out of here
they bring in communism
it's someone to blame

Written by: Andrea Ruybal, Steven Javorina, Rosa Corona,
Eron Simmons and Chris Lorenzo
Reading by Chris Lorenzo (85K download)

Marcus Garvey

Garvey, a black man
Journeys towards revival
Finds disappointment

Written by: Russell Jackson, Diane Cruz and Joel Benning
Reading by Joel Benning (111K download)


The Great Migration (African-American)

Moving north for equal rights

Written by: Lauren Larin, Jessica Brookes, Vivien Chua and Brian Locke
Reading by Brian Locke (94K download)


Sacco and Vanzetti

World of anarchy
Marked guilty by their beliefs
Lived for and died for

Written by: Ana Jimenez, Josh Holland and Richard Popoff
Reading by Richard Popoff (128K download)



Seen as radicals
Our goal, an end to restraint
Means justify ends

Written by: Joshua Kamauu, Bill Cupples, Gavin Towey,
Joe Coughlin and Matthew Applin
Reading by Matthew Applin (111K download)


Decline of Progressivism

Champs of the poor and workers
Now sides with business

Written by: Ryan Cox, Margaret Caragan, James Lester and Reggie Roque
Reading by Reggie Roque (102K download)


Teapot Dome Scandal

Lease them oil fields now
Albert Fall in the oil vat
Dirty money kills

Written by: Michael Malone, Amy Cowper, Daniel McArthur,
Jackie Barrera, Sonya Alvarez and Christian Pascale
Reading by Christian Pascale (111K download)
Reading by Amy Cowper (85K download)


1917 Race Riots

Competing for jobs
200 soldiers attacked
Wilson sent in troops

Written by: Candace Tippett, Vincent Seruelo, Sophie Metz and Chris Toler
Reading by Chris Toler (85K download)


Cesar Sandino

Don't sign the treaty
My army will stand and fight
Nicaragua lives

Written by: Ali Razi, Travis Eliason, Kristine Simington and Laurel Murphy
Reading by Laurel Murphy (85K download)


(This is the student history haiku page. Click here for haiku assignment page.)


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